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Gendered Fitness Interests: A Method Partitioning the Effects of Family Composition on Socio-Political Attitudes and Behaviors

Robert C Brooks, Khandis R Blake

BioRxiv: The Preprint Server for Biology | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2019


Whereas most people are biologically either male or female, their genetic interests are almost never aligned with just their own sex. Drawing on the evolutionary theory of inclusive fitness gained through relatives, we suggest it is possible to partition the effects of kin on fitness into those that derive from female versus male relatives. We argue that the balance of these female- and male-derived effects, which we call ‘Gendered Fitness Interests’ (GFI), might influence human behavior, especially the adoption of socio-political attitudes regarding issues with a gendered dimension. Our proposal builds on previous conjectures within evolution, as well as observations from both within and be..

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