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What are Microunits and can this new Housing Typology Help Solve the Housing Affordability Crisis? A review of the literature

Pernille H Christensen, G Warren-Myers, A Shirazi, XJ Ge

American Real Estate Society Conference 2019 | American Real Estate Society | Published : 2019


The increased density of many metropolitan areas combined with a trend toward shrinking household sizes is creating an increase in the demand for urban apartments. This increased demand has had a significant impact on the affordability and availability of housing in urban centres globally. The creation of smaller, denser units in the form of the micro units is one attempt to meet this need. Micro units are compliant with building codes and are developed with the idea that the individual unit includes shared amenities with other residents. Opponents claim that such apartments have negative effects on their occupants, on unit affordability in the adjacent area and lead to gentrification of tra..

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