Conference Proceedings

Investigating the Energy Efficiency Conversation in the Australian Volume Home Building Sector

Erika Bartak, Georgia Warren-Myers, Chris Heywood, Rebekah Russell-Bennett (ed.)

IREE 2019, Improving Residential Energy Efficiency Conference | GEER and QUT | Published : 2019


High performance energy efficient housing can positively contribute through reduced energy demands and associated greenhouse gas emissions to the global environmental challenge of climate change. In addition, such homes can provide social and financial household benefits such as improved comfort, health and wellbeing, and reduced cost of living (ASBEC 2016, 2018). Although these potential benefits are well established, the adoption of increased energy efficiency in new Australian housing is not widespread. To address this gap between discourse and practice, this study focuses on the dominant providers of new housing in Australia, the influential volume home building sector. These organis..

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