Book Chapter

Transition from V to T address among restaurant customers and waiters in Italy

Heinz Kretzenbacher, Agnese Bresin, John Hajek, Bettina Kluge, María Irene Moyna

It's not All about You: New Perspectives on Address Research | John Benjamins Publishing | Published : 2019


Drawing on a large-scale study on reported address practices in restaurant encounters in Italy, this chapter examines transition from formal V to informal T singular address pronouns in Italian, focusing on five geographically dispersed regions. Quantitative data suggest that the customer/waiter interaction provides opportunity for frequent V to T transition, with restaurants of a more modest type and those in small towns facilitating such a shift. The region where respondents live also seems to play a role and may be indicative of the effect of local dialects on regional varieties of Italian. Qualitative data indicate that the issue of who initiates the switch is revealing of power dynamics..

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