Book Chapter

Introductions at international academic conferences: Address and naming in three national varieties of English

Catrin Norrby, Doris SCHUPBACH, John Hajek, Heinz L Kretzenbacher, Bettina Kluge, María Irene Moyna

It's not All about You: New Perspectives on Address Research | John Benjamins Publishing | Published : 2019


This chapter investigates preferred introduction routines in first encounters in the context of international academic conferences where English is used as the conference language. We focus on reported use of first and last names as well as titles in introductions in American, Australian and British English based on a large-scale survey of reported introduction in three scenarios: introduction of self, of others and expected introduction of self by others. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data the results demonstrate that while use of first and last name is the unmarked choice, there is also significant variation among speakers of different national varieties, different scenarios and ..

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