Book Chapter

No Agency: Iraq and Afghanistan at War. The Perspective of Commissioned War Artists

Charles Green, Lyndell Green

Mars and Minerva: Artistic and Cultural Responses to War (1914 – 2014) in the Anglo-Saxon World | Palgrave-Macmillan | Published : 2019


In 2007, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, who have worked as one artist in collaboration since 1989, were commissioned by the Australian War Memorial to serve as Australian Official War Artists in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were given complete artistic freedom and unique access to the unfolding War on Terror’s two principal conflict zones, but their deployment occurred at a point where both zones definitively escaped the West’s ability to impose its imperial power, and thus they were often hemmed in by the realities of two deteriorating wars and the fantasies of their hosts. This chapter, illustrated by their works both during and after their official commission, unpacks the process by which the..

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