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Whole-transcriptome RNA editing analysis in single cortical neurons links locus 15q11 with psychiatric illness

Brendan Robert Ansell, Simon Thomas, Roberto Bonelli, Jacob Munro, Saskia Freytag, Melanie Bahlo

Published : 2019


ABSTRACT BACKGROUND Conversion of adenosine to inosine in RNA by ADAR enzymes occurs at thousands of sites in the human transcriptome, and is essential for healthy brain development. This ‘RNA editing’ process is dysregulated in many neuropsychiatric diseases, but is little understood at the level of individual neurons. METHODS We quantified RNA editing sites in full-length capture nuclear transcriptomes of 3055 neurons from six cortical regions of a neurotypical post-mortem female donor. Putative editing sites were intersected with sites in bulk human tissue transcriptomes including healthy and neuropsychiatric brain tissue, and sites identified in single nuclei from unrelated brain donors...

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