Original Creative Work - Visual Art Work

The Far Country

Charles Green, Lyndell Green

ARC One Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne | Published : 2019


In these fifteen new works, images from different contexts and timeframes—sourced from the artists’ encounters with museums and research centres, from books, journals, postcards, electronic media, as well as their own personal travel photographs and family archives—are exquisitely re-created, layered, and collaged to form new, woven realities that trigger new memories and old meanings. References ranging from Gerhard Richter’s painting of 9/11, a pair of now vanishing Gouldian Finches, a ship carrying young Australian soldiers to war in 1941, a snapshot taken by Green’s father during the bombing of Darwin in 1941, refugees fleeing across high Kurdish mountains, and a photograph taken by the ar..

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