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Global analysis of adenylate-forming enzymes reveals β-lactone biosynthesis pathway in pathogenicNocardia

Serina Robinson, Barbara Terlouw, Megan Smith, Sacha Pidot, Tim Stinear, Marnix Medema, Lawrence Wackett

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2019


ABSTRACT Enzymes that cleave ATP to activate carboxylic acids play essential roles in primary and secondary metabolism in all domains of life. Class I adenylate-forming enzymes share a conserved structural fold but act on a wide range of substrates to catalyze reactions involved in bioluminescence, nonribosomal peptide biosynthesis, fatty acid activation, and β-lactone formation. Despite their metabolic importance, the substrates and catalytic functions of the vast majority of adenylate-forming enzymes are unknown without tools available to accurately predict them. Given the crucial roles of adenylate-forming enzymes in biosynthesis, this also severely limits our ability to predict natural p..

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