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Profiling Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission and the resulting disease burden in the five highest tuberculosis burden countries

Romain Ragonnet, James M Trauer, Nicholas Geard, Nick Scott, Emma S McBryde

BMC Medicine | BMC | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) control efforts are hampered by an imperfect understanding of TB epidemiology. The true age distribution of disease is unknown because a large proportion of individuals with active TB remain undetected. Understanding of transmission is limited by the asymptomatic nature of latent infection and the pathogen's capacity for late reactivation. A better understanding of TB epidemiology is critically needed to ensure effective use of existing and future control tools. METHODS: We use an agent-based model to simulate TB epidemiology in the five highest TB burden countries-India, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and Pakistan-providing unique insights into patterns of t..

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