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Investigating the effect of pen shape and pen size on group flight distance of extensively managed ewes

Samantha R Cramer, Carolina A Munoz, David M McGill, Maxine Rice, Rebecca E Doyle



This study investigated the effect of pen shape and pen size on the group flight distance of extensively managed ewes, and how flight distances of individual ewes compared when recorded in group and isolated settings. Within eight groups of 25 sheep, six focal animals were randomly selected (N = 48 ewes). Over four days, groups were placed in four different sized and shaped pens and flight distances (m) of focal animals were recorded. Pens designs were small rectangle (3.3 m x 7.2 m), medium rectangle (4.8 m x 5.8 m), large rectangle (11 m x 19.6 m) and curved/concave (with 31.5 m perimeter). Following a previously validated protocol, flight distance (m) was also recorded when focal sheep we..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project was funded by the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, the University of Melbourne. Thanks are due to Kym Butler and Ellen Jongman for providing study design input, and the farm staff of Dookie College for the care and provision of the animals.