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Combining GAL4 GFP enhancer trap with split luciferase to measure spatiotemporal promoter activity in Arabidopsis

Angela Roman, John F Golz, Alex AR Webb, Ian A Graham, Michael J Haydon

PLANT JOURNAL | WILEY | Published : 2019


In multicellular organisms different types of tissues have distinct gene expression profiles associated with specific function or structure of the cell. Quantification of gene expression in whole organs or whole organisms can give misleading information about levels or dynamics of expression in specific cell types. Tissue- or cell-specific analysis of gene expression has potential to enhance our understanding of gene regulation and interactions of cell signalling networks. The Arabidopsis circadian oscillator is a gene network which orchestrates rhythmic expression across the day/night cycle. There is heterogeneity between cell and tissue types of the composition and behaviour of the oscilla..

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Awarded by BBSRC

Awarded by Royal Society

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Motomu Endo (Kyoto University) for providing seed of the TOC1:AC/SUC2:JN TSLA line and plasmids for TOC1p:AC and CCA1p:AC, Matt Gilliham (University of Adelaide) for providing the UAS:GUS plasmid, Heather Eastmond (University of York) and Matthew Stancombe (University of Cambridge) for technical assistance and Fabian Vaistij (University of York) for helpful advice. Funding was provided by the BBSRC (BB/L021188/1), The Royal Society (RG150144) and the University of Melbourne through the Faculty of Science Researcher Grant Support Scheme. The authors declare there are no conflicts of interest.