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Modular platforms for the assembly of self-adjuvanting lipopeptide-based vaccines for use in an out-bred population

Weiguang Zeng, Kylie J Horrocks, Amabel CL Tan, Chinn Yi Wong, Brendon Y Chua, David C Jackson

Vaccine | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2020


To facilitate the preparation of synthetic epitope-based self-adjuvanting vaccines capable of eliciting antibody responses in an out-bred population, we have developed two modular approaches. In the first, the Toll-like receptor 2 agonist Pam2Cys and the target antibody epitope are assembled as a module which is then coupled to a carrier protein as a source of antigens to stimulate T cell help. A vaccine candidate made in this way was shown to induce a specific immune response in four different strains of mice without the need for extraneous adjuvant. In the second approach, three vaccine components in the form of a target antibody epitope, a T helper cell epitope and Pam2Cys, were prepared ..

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