Conference Proceedings

Active control of large-scales in a high-Reynolds-number turbulent boundary layer

Z Ruan, WJ Baars, MR Abbassi, N Hutchins, I Marusic

Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC 2018 | Published : 2018


© 2018 Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society. All rights reserved. The relationship between large-scale structures and near-wall turbulence in both canonical and perturbed high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers (Reτ = 14400, U∞ = 20 m/s) is investigated experimentally. A spanwise array of hot-film probes and wall-normal jets are placed 1.7δ apart in the streamwise direction to observe, and selectively perturb, large-scale events in the logarithmic region with the implementation of different control strategies. Using a further spanwise array of hot-films and a traversing hot-wire probe downstream of the actuators, we evaluate the influence of the modified large-scale structures on the ..

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