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Numerical anisotropy of the 2D linearised Euler equations under spatial and temporal discretization for a hybrid spectral/finite difference method

R Tan, A Ooi, R Sandberg

Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC 2018 | Published : 2018


© 2018 Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society. All rights reserved. In this paper, a framework for error analysis of numerical schemes in multidimensional wavenumber space under spatial and temporal (full) discretization is introduced. The numerical anisotropy of the two-dimensional advection and compressible Linearised Euler Equations (LEE) was analysed using this framework under different spatial discretisation methods; Fourier spectral (FS), finite difference and hybrid FS/finite difference. For the compressible two-dimensional LEE, it was found that the dispersive error from the use of a finite difference method in one spatial direction can propagate into the spatial direction for which a ..

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