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Biochar and compost equally improve urban soil physical and biological properties and tree growth, with no added benefit in combination

Peter D Somerville, Claire Farrell, Peter B May, Stephen J Livesley

Science of The Total Environment | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020


Soil compaction can be a major impediment to tree growth as it damages soil physical and biological properties and reduces plant available water. This may result in trees that are more vulnerable to seasonal water stress. Improving soil physical and biological properties by increasing soil organic matter content may lead to improved tree establishment. Organic matter (OM), in the form of municipal green waste compost (MGWC) or biochar was incorporated into compacted urban soils at two sites. We established six soil treatments: 1) unamended, 2) tillage only, 3) tillage with MGWC (20% v/v), 4) tillage with biochar (10% v/v), 5) tillage with MGWC + biochar (10% & 5% v/v - low), and 6) tillage w..

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