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Modelling of methane and n-butane sorption, diffusion and permeation in polydimethylsiloxane using PC-SAFT

L Liu, SE Kentish

Journal of Membrane Science | Elsevier Inc. | Published : 2020


Published sorption, diffusion and permeation data for methane and n-butane in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) from −20 to 50 °C was simulated using a perturbed chain statistical association theory (PC-SAFT) based model. The use of a temperature-dependent interaction parameter within the PC-SAFT model allowed the pure gas sorption data to be very well represented. The mixed gas sorption results were fully predictable from these pure gas parameters, without the introduction of any additional parameters, and agreed well with the experimental data. The model was also able to model the dilation behavior of PDMS under various gas compositions, making it possible to analyse gas sorption properties usin..

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