Conference Proceedings

Model-based estimation of vortex shedding in an unsteady cylinder wake

J Gong, JP Monty, SJ Illingworth

Physical Review Fluids | Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society | Published : 2020


This paper considers the estimation of vortex shedding in cylinder wakes. Two methods are proposed to estimate time-resolved flow fields using a single velocity sensor based on a harmonic model. This model is developed to captures the periodic dynamics of the vortex shedding, and a model-based estimator (Kalman Filter) is used to estimate the flow given the measurement. The methods are applied to an unsteady cylinder flow at a Reynolds number of 1036. The estimated fields are compared with the flow fields measured experimentally using a two-dimensional time-resolved PIV. Physical interpretation of the harmonics is suggested based on the estimation results.