Anywhere iii

Sean Lowry, Simone Douglas, Sean Lowry (ed.), Simone Douglas (ed.)

Centre of Visual Art, University of Melbourne; Project Anywhere; and Parsons Fine Arts, School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons The New School for Design | Published : 2019


Artists and curators have long reached beyond the constraints of established institutional structures and traditional exhibition spaces. These tendencies were first clearly articulated (with some notable historical avant-garde precedents) in the language that framed conceptual and systems-based art in the 1960s and 1970s. The focus then, as it is today, was upon locating or creating alternative circuits. Today, notwithstanding our significantly technologically augmented capacity to reach and create new audiences, much contemporary artistic activity still invariably plays directly to an audience of connected peers. Moreover, given that much of this activity is now documented and disseminated ..

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