Book Chapter

A Typological Study of Newari Architecture in Kathmandu Valley in Chinese Pespective

Qinghua Guo

The Journal of Chinese Architecture History (JCAH) | China Architecture Publishing & Media Co Ltd | Published : 2019


Nepalese architecture is Newari architecture named after the people who built it in the Katmandu Valley. The origin of the Newari architecture is a question in the minds of both those who are interest in Chinese architecture or Indian architecture and who are fascinated by Newari architecture or Himalayan architecture. The Newari architecture is regarded as the pagoda style. About the origin of this style, there are different suggestions: derived from China, since they resemble the Chinese pagodas; from India where the style was disappeared; and the indigenous architecture of the land. This study looks at the forms, materials and structures of the Newari architecture from houses, palaces to ..

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