Conference Proceedings

The value of student attendance at face-to-face classes, as part of a blended learning experience

C Clark, G Post

ASCILITE 2019 - Conference Proceedings - 36th International Conference of Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education: Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart. | Singapore University of Social Sciences | Published : 2019


eLearning can create more flexibility for students; more efficiently utilise infrastructure; and can provide high-quality learning at scale. We have investigated perceived value and learning gains associated with online (eLearning) and face-to-face (f2f) components of a blended learning experience. We hypothesised that individual student preference for eLearning and f2f learning would be variable but that participation in f2f learning opportunities would enhance student learning. Using a design-based research approach, we have evaluated blended learning with interactive eLearning materials, and a collaborative, active f2f class. We have combined qualitative evaluation survey data and quantit..

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