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Mediators and Moderators of Homework–Outcome Relations in CBT for Depression: A Study of Engagement, Therapist Skill, and Client Factors

RY Yew, KS Dobson, M Zyphur, N Kazantzis

Cognitive Therapy and Research | Springer (part of Springer Nature) | Published : 2021


Homework assignments are considered crucial to the generalization and maintenance of skills and cognitive reappraisal in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). The present study examined the relationships among homework engagement (i.e., quantity and quality of adherence, taking into account task difficulties and obstacles), the theoretically meaningful determinants of engagement (i.e., client homework beliefs), therapist competence (i.e., in review, design, and planning of homework), and outcome in CBT for depression. Client factors (i.e., education level, marital status, and baseline depressive symptoms) were also examined as moderators of engagement-outcome relations. It was hypothesized that ..

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