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Study of MAIT Cell Activation in Viral Infections In Vivo.

Timothy SC Hinks, Bonnie van Wilgenburg, Huimeng Wang, Liyen Loh, Marios Koutsakos, Katherine Kedzierska, Alexandra J Corbett, Zhenjun Chen

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) | Published : 2020


MAIT cells are abundant, highly evolutionarily conserved innate-like lymphocytes expressing a semi-invariant T cell receptor (TCR), which recognizes microbially derived small intermediate molecules from the riboflavin biosynthetic pathway. However, in addition to their TCR-mediated functions they can also be activated in a TCR-independent manner via cytokines including IL-12, -15, -18, and type I interferon. Emerging data suggest that they are expanded and activated by a range of viral infections, and significantly that they can contribute to a protective anti-viral response. Here we describe methods used to investigate these anti-viral functions in vivo in murine models. To overcome the tec..

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