Journal article

Chronic Enteropathy In Canines: Prevalence, Impact And Management Strategies

Julien Rodolphe Samuel Dandrieux, Caroline Sarah Mansfield

Veterinary Medicine: Research and Reports | Dove Press | Published : 2019


In this article, the studies about the prevalence of chronic enteropathy are reviewed as well as the information regarding short- and long-term prognosis for dogs treated with the three most common therapies; these include dietary modification, antibiotics, and immunosuppressants. Although the data available are limited, most studies support a good to excellent long-term response in dogs that have a successful food trial, whereas the response is poor with antibiotics or on-going treatment is required to retain remission. There is a risk of antimicrobial resistance developing with inappropriate use of antimicrobials such as in these situations. The published information highlights the need fo..

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