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Arginine valency in C9ORF72 dipolypeptides mediates promiscuous proteome binding that stalls ribosomes, disable actin cytoskeleton assembly and impairs arginine methylation of endogenous proteins

Mona Radwan, Ching-Seng Ang, Angelique Ormsby, Dezerae Cox, James Daly, Gavin Reid, Danny Hatters

Published : 2019


ABSTRACT C9ORF72 -associated Motor Neuron Disease patients feature abnormal expression of 5 dipeptide repeat (DPR) polymers. Here we used quantitative proteomics in a Neuro2a cell model to demonstrate that the valency of Arg in the most toxic DPRS, PR and GR, drives promiscuous binding to the proteome, compared to a relative sparse binding of the more inert AP and GA. Notable targets included ribosomal proteins, translation initiation factors and translation elongation factors. PR and GR comprising more than 10 repeats robustly stalled the ribosome suggesting high-valency Arg electrostatically jams the ribosome exit tunnel during synthesis. Poly-GR also bound to arginine methylases and induc..

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