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Properties and prospects of adjuvants in influenza vaccination - messy precipitates or blessed opportunities?

Babak Jalilian, Stig Hill Christiansen, Halldór Bjarki Einarsson, Mehdi Rasoli Pirozyan, Eskild Petersen, Thomas Vorup-Jensen

Molecular and Cellular Therapies | River Publishers | Published : 2013


Influenza is a major challenge to healthcare systems world-wide. While prophylactic vaccination is largely efficient, long-lasting immunity has not been achieved in immunized populations, at least in part due to the challenges arising from the antigen variation between strains of influenza A virus as a consequence of genetic drift and shift. From progress in our understanding of the immune system, the mode-of-action of vaccines can be divided into the stimulation of the adaptive system through inclusion of appropriate vaccine antigens and of the innate immune system by the addition of adjuvant to the vaccine formulation. A shared property of many vaccine adjuvants is found in their nature of..

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