21st Century Innovation in Music Education: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of the Music Education Community (Intercome 2018), October 25-26, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

K Setyaning Astuti (ed.), Gary McPherson (ed.), B Sugeng (ed.), N Kurniasari (ed.), T Herawan (ed.), C Drake (ed.), ASHADI ASHADI (ed.), E Retnowati (ed.), AC Pierewan (ed.)

Routledge | Published : 2020


Music is an expression of feelings of the soul conveyed through the medium of sound. But not all sounds are music. It might be said that only an organised sound or series of sounds can be called music. Thus, music is connected to the eternal and constant flow and order of the universe, to the laws and rhythms of nature. It can also be said that musical order is comparable to the natural order of the universe. There are laws of a certain nature in the natural sciences and likewise in music there are structures and procedures, or even rules, that should be followed to produce beautiful music. The International Conference "Innovations for 21st Century Music Education and Research" provided a ti..

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