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Faecalibacterium diversity in dairy cow milk.

Keith W Savin, Jody Zawadzki, Martin J Auldist, Jianghui Wang, Doris Ram, Simone Rochfort, Benjamin G Cocks

PLoS One | Public Library of Science (PLoS) | Published : 2019


The bacterial species, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, beneficial to humans and animals and found in mammalian and avian gut, is also occasionally found in dairy cow milk. It is one of the butyrate-producing bacteria of the colon, has anti-inflammatory properties and its abundance in the gut is negatively correlated with obesity in humans. Several strains differing in their functional capability, have been identified. It is important therefore, milk being a potential source of F. prausnitzii as a novel probiotic, to investigate the diversity of this species in bovine milk. Using 16s rRNA gene amplicons we find 292 different dereplicated Faecalibacterium-related amplicons in a herd of 21 dairy ..

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