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Milk production of cows grazing pasture supplemented by a partial mixed ration with or without canola meal

MJ Auldist, MM Wright, LC Marett, MC Hannah, E Kennedy, JL Jacobs, WJ Wales

Animal Production Science | Published : 2019


Milk production responses were measured in grazing cows offered mixed rations with or without canola meal. Experiments were conducted in spring (Experiment 1; early lactation) and autumn (Experiment 2; late lactation). The experiments used 140 (Experiment 1) or 96 (Experiment 2) Holstein-Friesian multiparous dairy cows that had calved in late winter/early spring. Each experiment lasted 28 days including a 14-day adjustment period and a 14-day measurement period during which intake and milk production was measured. In each experiment, there were two dietary treatments: PMR: cows grazed a restricted pasture allowance (10–15 kg DM/cow per day, measured to ground level) supplemented with a PMR c..

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