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Effects of atropine on plasma amino acid profiles and on the synthesis of individual milk proteins in dairy cows fed with pasture.

Martin J Auldist, Catherine M Menzies, Colin G Prosser

Journal of Dairy Research | Published : 2003


Effects of atropine on blood plasma amino acid profile and on the yields and concentration of milk components were investigated in 12 Friesian cows in early lactation. Cows were housed indoors and fed with cut pasture ad libitum. Each cow received four treatments over 12 d during a replicated 4 x 4 Latin square experiment. Treatments were: control (saline); low dose (L; 30 microg atropine/kg body weight (BW)); medium dose (M; 40 microg atropine/kg BW); and 2 x L dose, 2 h apart (2 x L). On each of four treatment days, cows were milked at about 7.00, after which treatments were administered by subcutaneous injection. Cows were milked again at 2 h, 6 h and 10 h after injection. Milk samples we..

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