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Variation in the composition of milk protein from pasture-fed dairy cows in late lactation and the effect of grain and silage supplementation

TR Mackle, AM Bryant, SF Petch, RJ Hooper, MJ Auldist

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research | Published : 1999


Sources of variation in milk protein composition were determined after approximately 203 days-in-milk for spring-calving Friesian cows grazing ryegrass-white clover pastures in New Zealand. Three groups each of 15 multiparous cows were managed as separate herds. Each herd was subjected to one of three management strategies: pasture only, pasture supplemented with 2–3 kg cow 1 d−1 maize grain, and pasture plus 5–6 kg cow−1 d−1 maize grain and 3–4 kg cow−1 d−1 pasture silage. During a 3-week period beginning in February 1994, milk samples were collected twice-weekly from individual cows and the detailed protein composition determined. Variation was observed in milk yield and the concentrations..

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