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Stochastic Model Predictive Control Based Reference Planning for Automated Open-Water Channels

Hasan A Nasir, Michael Cantoni, Yuping Li, Erik Weyer

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2021


A stochastic model predictive control scheme is developed within the context of planning water-level references for an automated channel. The references are provided as inputs to decentralized feedback controllers that regulate the capacity for gravity-fed supply of flow at points along the channel. An operational challenge is to comply with constraints on channel-flow and water-level transients in the automatic response to changes in the off-take flow load and water-level references. The proposed approach is to determine the reference inputs using a model of the channel dynamics that includes a forecast of off-take demand. Specifically, a structured probabilistic representation of the forec..

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