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Implicit Copulas from Bayesian Regularized Regression Smoothers

Nadja Klein, Michael Stanley Smith

Bayesian Analysis | International Society for Bayesian Analysis | Published : 2019


We show how to extract the implicit copula of a response vector from a Bayesian regularized regression smoother with Gaussian disturbances. The copula can be used to compare smoothers that employ different shrinkage priors and function bases. We illustrate with three popular choices of shrinkage priors—a pairwise prior, the horseshoe prior and a g prior augmented with a point mass as employed for Bayesian variable selection—and both univariate and multivariate function bases. The implicit copulas are high-dimensional, have flexible dependence structures that are far from that of a Gaussian copula, and are unavailable in closed form. However, we show how they can be evaluated by first constru..

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