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Phase-to-Phase Connection of PV Systems in Brazilian LV Networks: Modelling and Impacts

MG Lopes, FCL Trindade, LF Ochoa

2019 IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, ISGT Latin America 2019 | Published : 2019


Most commercially available residential PV systems in the world are single-phase 220-240 V systems with rated power up to 8 kWp. In Brazil, LV networks are typically three-phase four-wire. Houses have a single-phase connection (127 V phase-to-neutral) for most loads and a two-phase connection (220 V phase-to-phase) for large loads such as air conditioners or electric showers. Due to the voltage level, single-phase PV systems are being connected phase-to-phase (ungrounded). In this type of connection, the absorption of reactive power, a strategy used to reduce voltages, can have unintended consequences. This paper presents the modelling of this type of connection, laboratory tests, and an imp..

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