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Prediction of the Levodopa Challenge Test in Parkinson's Disease Using Data from a Wrist-Worn Sensor

Hamid Khodakarami, Lucia Ricciardi, Maria Fiorella Contarino, Rajesh Pahwa, Kelly E Lyons, Victor J Geraedts, Francesca Morgante, Alison Leake, Dominic Paviour, Andrea De Angelis, Malcolm Horne

Sensors | MDPI | Published : 2019


The response to levodopa (LR) is important for managing Parkinson's Disease and is measured with clinical scales prior to (OFF) and after (ON) levodopa. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether an ambulatory wearable device could predict the LR from the response to the first morning dose. The ON and OFF scores were sorted into six categories of severity so that separating Parkinson's Kinetigraph (PKG) features corresponding to the ON and OFF scores became a multi-class classification problem according to whether they fell below or above the threshold for each class. Candidate features were extracted from the PKG data and matched to the class labels. Several linear and non-linear candid..

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