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Deserters on the atopic march: Risk factors, immune profile and clinical outcomes of food sensitized-tolerant infants

Lawrence EK Gray, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Fiona Collier, Martin O'Hely, Peter D Sly, Sarath Ranganathan, Mimi LK Tang, John B Carlin, Richard Saffery, Peter J Vuillermin

Allergy | WILEY | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: A few studies have investigated the antecedents and outcomes of infants who demonstrate IgE sensitization to foods that they clinically tolerate. Improved understanding of this sensitized-tolerant phenotype may inform strategies for the prevention of food allergy. METHODS: In an Australian birth cohort (n = 1074), assembled using an unselected antenatal sampling frame, participants were categorized as nonsensitized (NS), sensitizedtolerant (ST), or food allergic (FA) based on skin prick testing and food challenge at 12 months of age. Environmental exposures were recorded throughout. Cord blood regulatory T-cell populations were measured at birth. Subsequent childhood allergic dis..

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