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Liar! Liar! (When Stakes Are Higher): Understanding How the Overclaiming Technique Can Be Used to Measure Faking in Personnel Selection

Patrick D Dunlop, Joshua S Bourdage, Reinout E de Vries, Ilona M McNeill, Karina Jorritsma, Megan Orchard, Tomas Austen, Teesha Baines, Weng-Khong Choe



Overclaiming questionnaires (OCQs), which capture overclaiming behavior, or exaggerating one's knowledge about a given topic, have been proposed as potentially indicative of faking behaviors that plague self-report assessments in job application settings. The empirical evidence on the efficacy of OCQs in this respect is inconsistent, however. We draw from expectancy theory to reconcile these inconsistencies and identify the conditions under which overclaiming behavior will be most indicative of faking. We propose that the assessment context must be tied to an outcome with high valence, and that the content of the OCQ must match the perceived knowledge requirements of the target job, such tha..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Aside from consulting fees for the administration and scoring of the assessments of the firefighter applicants in Study 1, the authors received no financial support for the research, authorship, or publication of this article. A percentage of the profit of commercial use of the HEXACO-PI-R is used by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to support research by Reinout E. de Vries.