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Exposures and effects from fragranced consumer products in Germany

A Steinemann, U Klaschka

Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health | Springer Netherlands | Published : 2019


Fragranced consumer products—such as cleaning supplies, laundry products, perfumes, and air fresheners—have been associated with adverse human health effects and subsequent impacts in society. This study investigates effects associated with exposures to fragranced consumer products in Germany. Using a nationally representative population-based sample (n = 1102), data were collected in March 2019 using an online survey of adults in Germany. The study found that, across the German population, 19.9% report health problems, such as respiratory problems (55.3%), migraine headaches (25.1%), and asthma attacks (16.9%), when exposed to fragranced products. Of these reports of health effects, 33.8% c..

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