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Cumulative Burden of Colorectal Cancer Associated Genetic Variants Is More Strongly Associated With Early-Onset vs Late-Onset Cancer

Alexi N Archambault, Yu-Ru Su, Jihyoun Jeon, Minta Thomas, Yi Lin, David V Conti, Aung Ko Win, Lori C Sakoda, Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar, Elisabeth FP Peterse, Ann G Zauber, David Duggan, Andreana N Holowatyj, Jeroen R Huyghe, Hermann Brenner, Michelle Cotterchio, Stephane Bezieau, Stephanie L Schmit, Christopher K Edlund, Melissa C Southey Show all



BACKGROUND & AIMS: Early-onset colorectal cancer (CRC, in persons younger than 50 years old) is increasing in incidence; yet, in the absence of a family history of CRC, this population lacks harmonized recommendations for prevention. We aimed to determine whether a polygenic risk score (PRS) developed from 95 CRC-associated common genetic risk variants was associated with risk for early-onset CRC. METHODS: We studied risk for CRC associated with a weighted PRS in 12,197 participants younger than 50 years old vs 95,865 participants 50 years or older. PRS was calculated based on single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with CRC in a large-scale genome-wide association study as of January 201..

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