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Predicting Psychological and Subjective Well-Being from Personality: A Meta-Analysis

Jeromy Anglim, Sharon Horwood, Luke Smillie, Rosario Marrero, Joshua K Wood

Center for Open Science


Post-print of manuscript published in Psychological Bulletin: This study reports the most comprehensive assessment to date of the relations that the domains and facets of Big Five and HEXACO personality have with self-reported subjective well- being (SWB: life satisfaction, positive affect, and negative affect) and psychological well-being (PWB: positive relations, autonomy, environmental mastery, purpose in life, self-acceptance, and personal growth). It presents a meta-analysis (n = 334,567, k = 462) of the correlations of Big Five and HEXACO personality domains with the dimensions of SWB and PWB. It provides the first meta-analysis of personality and well-being to examine (a) HEXACO perso..

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