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Development of a KDM6b shRNA conditional knock down mouse model

Julia Prier, Marnie Blewitt, Ross Dickins, Stephen Turner

Published : 2019


Abstract Antigen-specific CD8 + T cell differentiation in response to infection is associated with specific changes in the chromatin landscape resulting in acquisition of the lineage-specific effector functions required for pathogen clearance. Lysine (K)-specific demethylase 6B (KDM6b) is a histone demethylase that specifically recognizes and removes methyl groups from K27 tri/dimethylation on histone 3. This histone modification is associated with a repressive transcriptional state, or, in combination with the active H3K4me3 mark, a bivalent epigenetic state. Resolution of bivalency at fundamental transcription factor loci has been shown to be a key mechanism for the initiation of CD8 + T c..

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