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Genioglossus motor unit activity in supine and upright postures in obstructive sleep apnea

Billy L Luu, Julian P Saboisky, Rachel A McBain, John A Trinder, David P White, Janet L Taylor, Simon C Gandevia, Jane E Butler

Sleep | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2020


This study investigated whether a change in posture affected the activity of the upper-airway dilator muscle genioglossus in participants with and without obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). During wakefulness, a monopolar needle electrode was used to record single motor unit activity in genioglossus in supine and upright positions to alter the gravitational load that causes narrowing of the upper airway. Activity from 472 motor units was recorded during quiet breathing in 17 males, nine of whom had OSA. The mean number of motor units for each participant was 11.8 (SD 3.4) in the upright and 16.0 (SD 4.2) in the supine posture. For respiratory-modulated motor units, there were no significant diff..

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