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Wide dipole antennas for wireless powering of miniaturised bioelectronic devices

A Aldaoud, S Lui, KS Keng, S Moshfegh, A Soto-Breceda, W Tong, JM Redoute, DJ Garrett, YT Wong, S Prawer

Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research | Elsevier Inc. | Published : 2020


Biomedical electronic implants require a power source to operate. Miniaturised implants can preclude batteries and as implant dimensions reduce further, inductive power transfer no longer becomes the optimum strategy for wireless power delivery. Wide dipole antennas are proposed as an alternative power transmitter for long and thin implants. A miniaturised bioelectronic device measuring 1 mm by 1 mm by 20 mm was fabricated, wirelessly powered and used to stimulate retinal ganglion cells to provide biological validation of its functionality. Optimised wide dipole antennas operating in the GHz range for implant depths of 5 mm to 35 mm in 5 mm steps were simulated, fabricated and measured. Sali..

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