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Converging-diverging shape configuration of the diaphysis of equine third metacarpal bone through computer-aided design

S Mouloodi, H Rahmanpanah, C Burvill, HMS Davies

Comparative Exercise Physiology | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2019


The shape of the diaphysis of the equine third metacarpal bone (MC3) has a substantial influence on its mechanical properties. The connection between bone shape and bone adaptive responses is likely to be useful in forecasting the response of MC3 to a training program as well as predicting its internal loading. A variety of geometrical parameters including cortical area (A), width of dorsal cortex (D), palmar cortex (P), medial cortex (M), lateral cortex (L), medulla in dorsopalmar plane (Md), and medulla in lateromedial plane (M1) in three main cross sections (slices) within the diaphysis of 27 Thoroughbred horses aged from 12 hours to 15 years were measured using computer-aided-design and ..

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