Vineyard ecosystems are structured and distinguished by fungal communities impacting the flavour and quality of wine

Di Liu, Qinglin Chen, Pangzhen Zhang, Deli Chen, Kate Howell

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2019


The flavours of foods and beverages are formed by the agricultural environment where the plants are grown. In the case of wine, the location and environmental features of the vineyard site imprint the wine with distinctive aromas and flavours. Microbial growth and metabolism play an integral role in wine production from the vineyard to the winery, by influencing grapevine health, wine fermentation, and the flavour, aroma and quality of finished wines. The mechanism by which microbial distribution patterns drive wine metabolites is unclear and while flavour has been correlated with bacterial composition for red wines, bacterial activity provides a minor biochemical conversion in wine fermenta..

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