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Bacterial abundance and diversity in Microchloropsis salina (formerly Nannochloropsis salina) cultures in response to the presence of ammonium, nitrate and glycerol

N Poddar, R Sen, GJO Martin

Journal of Applied Phycology | Springer | Published : 2020


Ammonium and nitrate were compared as nitrogen sources for mixotrophic growth of Microchloropsis salina (formerly Nannochloropsis salina) on glycerol. The effects of nitrogen source and glycerol on the abundance, composition and profile of bacterial communities were examined by 16S rRNA sequencing. The effect of bacteria on culture performance was assessed by comparing ampicillin-containing and ampicillin-free cultures. The productivity of M. salina was higher with ammonium than with nitrate, and lower with bacteria present. Glycerol utilization by M. salina was minimal in the absence of a nitrogen source and the addition of glycerol increased the abundance of bacteria. Bacterial profiles we..

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