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POST: A polar stratospheric telescope

H Ford, P Bely, J Bally, J Crocker, M Dopita, J Tilley, R White, R Allen, F Bartko, R Brown, R Burg, C Burrows, M Clampin, D Harper, G Illingworth, R McCray, S Meyer, J Mould, C Norman

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Published : 1994


The lower stratosphere in the polar regions offers conditions for observation in the near-infrared comparable to those obtained from space. We describe a concept for a 6-meter, diluted aperture, near-infrared telescope carried by a tethered aerostat flying at 12 km altitude, to serve as a testbed for future space astronomical observatories while producing frontier science.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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