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21.3%-efficient n-type silicon solar cell with a full area rear TiOx/LiF/Al electron-selective contact

W Wang, J He, D Yan, C Samundsett, SP Phang, Z Huang, W Shen, J Bullock, Y Wan

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


In this work, we investigate an efficient electron-selective passivating contact with TiOx/LiF/Al contact structure, which offers both low surface recombination and specific contact resistance. Optimized TiOx layer thickness of 4 nm provides high quality surface passivation, achieving minority carrier lifetime of 3.03 ms on 5 Ω cm n-type wafers, with a saturated current density J0 of 23 fA/cm2. In addition, inserting a 1 nm LiF between the 4 nm TiOx and Al reduces the contact resistivity to 18 mΩ cm2. The low contact resistivity of TiOx/LiF/Al contact is attributed to barrier reduction from the low work function of LiF/Al stack. A champion solar cell efficiency of 21.3% has been achieved for..

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