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Enhancing Toughness of Medium-Density Fiberboard by Mimicking Nacreous Structures through Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

A Ghazlan, T Ngo, P Tran, VT Le, T Nguyen, AS Whittaker, A Remennikov

Journal of Structural Engineering (United States) | ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers | Published : 2020


Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is widely used in building construction. Due to its inherent brittleness, MDF is typically employed in nonstructural components such as partition walls. Many structures found in nature are also composed of brittle materials, but their unique structural arrangements provide superior mechanical performance to traditional engineering construction. An excellent example is nacre, a tough component of the armor system of mollusk seashells. The masonrylike structure of nacre is mainly composed of a brittle ceramic mineral, but its toughness is several orders of magnitude greater than aragonite. Herein, MDF is toughened using principles inspired by nacre. Several of t..

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