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Simulation-Based Exergy Analysis of Large Circular Economy Systems: Zinc Production Coupled to CdTe Photovoltaic Module Life Cycle

A Llamas, NJ Bartie, M Heibeck, M Stelter, MA Reuter

Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy | Springer Verlag | Published : 2020


The second law of thermodynamics (2LT) helps to quantify the limits as well as the resource efficiency of the circular economy (CE) in the transformation of resources, which include materials, energy, or water, into products and residues, some of which will be irreversibly lost. Furthermore, material and energy losses will also occur, as well as the residues and emissions that are generated have an environmental impact. Identifying the limits of circularity of large-scale CE systems, i.e., flowsheets, is necessary to understand the viability of the CE. With this deeper understanding, the full social, environmental, and economic sustainability can be explored. Exergy dissipation, a measure of..

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